As Head of Corporate Security, Andreas was responsible for the safety of the plant, the staff within it and a small group of senior executives who had arrived there a few days ago. Despite never having visited the site, Andreas knew exactly what to do. Some months earlier, on his recommendation, the company had invested in the EISENBURG Control Room and its ‘living software tools’, a less expensive and more effective support than traditional and costly consultancy.

Previously they had relied on externally produced high-level risk assessments with abstract risk matrices and static snapshot paper-based evacuation plans that would quickly be out-of-date. Now they are able to capture their internal company-specific on-the-ground knowledge via their local security or project manager. Through the information fed into the system by his local colleagues he knew exactly what was happening on location. Embedded satellite and various other maps enable Andreas accurately to examine the terrain, distances and details by zooming in, and to keep an overview of their company assets and threats by zooming out. 

Thanks to the interactive nature of the Control Room all key evacuation locations were actual and all crisis response protocols and incident response SOPs where at hand as they are centrally stored on the platform.

With all relevant country and site-specific information available at one space Andreas was quickly able to arrange for enhanced physical protection of the plant, adjust risk assessments within the software platform and identify the best evacuation options to international safe havens for those who might have to leave.

With the minimum of hassle and in good time, Andreas knew exactly what was going on, had control of the situation and was able to reassure senior management that all that was appropriate was being done.

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