Thus, we have introduced the EISENBURG Control Room. It is an online platform enabling security professionals on a corporate, regional and local level to record incidents, run risk assessments and produce evacuation plans. Rather than creating lengthy paper-based reports the tool works with interactive maps. All data are geo-referenced. By doing so high-level risk matrices or key evacuation locations are replaced by “tangible” visuals plotted on satellite or other interactive maps.

Zooming in helps quickly to understand details such as distances, terrain, or potential dangers in the proximity of sites. Zooming out helps gain oversight of all projects or locations worldwide and to identify particularly risk-prone regions.

Now, CEOs or other non-security personnel too can understand existing threats and can make informed decisions based on your findings and recommendations.

The EISENBURG Control Room solution compares favourably with traditional paper-based methods involving external consultants who invariably lack in-depth local information and whose costly reports are often out of date as soon as they are delivered.

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