Attempts to tackle such problems by issuing company policies to make regional or local security personnel follow certain methods, and to produce and maintain plans/assessments are more often than not ineffective.

What is needed is a TOOL that enables the corporate security department to enforce their rules and standards, and – at the same time – enable security personnel on sites, in countries or regions to produce standardised evacuation plans or risk assessments easily.

The EISENBURG Control Room does just that: 1) The corporate units provide the EISENBURG Control Room platform and with it a proven risk and crisis management methodology  GLOBALLY! 2) The security personnel with their unrivalled on-the-ground knowledge fill it with content producing their site, country or regional assessments and plans – LOCALLY!

A great side effect is that all information is stored centrally, and is always up to date and accessible when needed by the corporate headquarters.

Think globally – act locally! It is also a winning concept in the security, risk and crisis management sector and should be applied accordingly!