The result of this was a hotchpotch of solutions that lacked standardisation and could not be measured, compared or consolidated in meaningful ways.

To solve this problem Rolf had recently discovered and introduced to the company the EISENBURG Control Room. This is an online platform that enables Rolf to capture and administer all relevant project and location specific information across the globe. It enables him to run quick risk assessments on single or multiple projects, countries or regions. It has proven useful to document relevant incidents and even create individual risk maps replacing high-level generic maps from external providers which never reflected his company’s true risk exposure.

He started using it at the corporate security department level and then shared it with his teams around the globe. After a short introductory session they have been able to create their own local risk assessments and evacuation plans. The tool runs on a proven structure and methodology. Since everyone uses the same system ONE standard is rolled out and enforced within days – worldwide.

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