Think globally – act locally!

13.07.2016 by EISENBURG

Thinking globally and acting locally is a widely accepted convention and has proven useful for internationally operating businesses. Strangely, it is often not applied in an area where it matters most – corporate security, risk and crisis management.

Corporate security departments often struggle to enforce SOPs group-wide, to keep track of paper-based plan or assessment versions, and to have access to the most up to date documents if needed.

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When inconsistencies in standards become dangerous!

04.07.2016 by EISENBURG

Rolf Schmidt was frustrated! As Head of Crisis & Risk Management he was responsible for the security of his company’s facilities and personnel, often in high-risk locations, around the world –  a daunting challenge.

One aspect that caused Rolf the most difficulty was the lack of consistency in security, risk and crisis management SOPs amongst the various locations. Good local security people often developed their own methods with little reference to each other or to their corporate security department. This was a huge problem for corporate headquarters – even if plans were available at a regional or country level they would very often not have the latest, or no plans at all, when a crisis occurred.

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