Prepare | Risk Management


  • Runs Security Risk Assessments
    • identifying hidden risk sources and risk targets,
    • determining your risk appetite and risk threshold, and
    • deriving countermeasures to mitigate risks below the risk threshold.
  • Helps enhance intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Conducts scientific studies on security and disaster recovery related topics for areas of conflict or post-war/conflict/disaster areas.
  • Provides relocation plans for local personnel or refugees.
  • Trains your expatriates and business travellers before they deploy to high risk or even hostile environments.
  • Conducts hostile environment trainings for personnel operating in risk prone areas.
  • Runs First Aid trainings.
  • Helps you set up a solid crisis management infrastructure, or
  • Stress-tests your existing crisis management via simulation exercises.
  • Develops complete Evacuation Plans for your most exposed projects.
  • Develops security policies and SOPs from site to project to corporate level.
  • Helps you meet legal Duty of Care obligations.
  • Builds your specific security management database, your individual country risk map and your interactive crisis management plans via our EISENBURG Control Room (Linked to Products).