RECRUITMENT – High-Profile Security Professionals

EISENBURG is by no means a professional recruitment agency. However, we have come to realise that – through our extensive network – we are able to identify and attract very high-profile and experienced security professionals within a short period of time, and for a fraction of costs compared to traditional recruiting agencies.

We are able to to do this because …

  • We have an extensive network of high-profile security professionals. We are able to reach out to former tier 1 Special Forces personnel very easily and globally. At the end we are one big “family”.
  • We re-write your job description in a way that ensures to attract the right people for your job vacancy. We know exactly what top professionals are looking for – simply because we are a special breed and are attracted by certain things.
  • We know who to pre-select and shortlist for your final interviews. It’s easy for us to select the right people because we have been there and done that job before.
  • Compared to traditional recruitment agencies we are very cost effective and will safe you money. We ask for a small retainer upfront and will agree on a success fee. We only make money if we deliver you a suitable candidate.

It’s a winner! CONTACT us if you are looking for high-profile security professionals.